Welcome to June 2016

Happy June!

This month is going to be one of practicality, networking, assertiveness and stepping into your power. We are now halfway through 2016 and if you are anything like me it has been a rollercoaster of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental changes. Adapting the trust and faith mindset has made the first half of the year more bearable and helped me to navigate through some rough days.

For more insights on the month of June check out my latest episode of Practical Soul Guidance podcast.

I have not done it in a while but I felt inclined to write up some individual zodiac sign insights. Check them out below, it would be best to check your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. I always suggest because, our sun and ascendant signs blend together to create our outer layer of our beings and our moon sign inner self. When you look at all three together it gives you a better picture of how you function and how you can manage your life on a grander scale. If you need to find your Rising and Moon signs check out http://www.astrotheme.com

Now for the insights per sign….


Taking inventory of what’s working and what’s not working in your life will be the theme for you this month. Your career will also have your attention this month so if you are looking to move on from your current situation this month may present you with an excellent opportunity that you can’t miss out on.


Money and finances will have your attention this month. Being that most Taureans are practical with their money there may have been some large withdrawals lately that has made your accounts take a hit. Use the New Moon on June 4th to create a new budget to get you back on track with your finances. Do not fear, you will get back on top. If your finances are well keep up the good work!


It’s your time to shine this month Gemini, you will be getting some attention. Unexpected opportunities will come you way so keeps your heart and mind open. If you have been hiding from relationship issues, you will no longer be able to hide. Time to communicate what you want as well as listen to others as what they expect from you.


Your relationships will get positive changes during June. If you have experienced some rocky times over the past few months now is the time reconcile those issues and create better relationships. Your spiritual life will also undergo some changes. The desire to grow and evolve on your walk will help you see where you are heading in your life as well as what you truly desire for it.


Your dreams will hold the solutions to whatever problems you face during June. Be open to the universe to share insights during your dreamtime. Making new people and gaining a new friend or two may occur during the month as well. Get out and network you never know who you will meet!


You are at an end of a cycle and ushering in a new one Virgo. Allow yourself to release what no longer has served you and open the door for new opportunities and experiences. Enjoy yourself this month as well, it’s time to let your hair down and have a little fun. You’ve earned it!


What is your vision for your life Librias? What is it that you truly desire to have in your life? This month will have you really getting the vision out of your head and onto paper. If you don’t have a vision board I suggest you creating one especially during the New Moon cycle the weekend of June 3rd.


A good dose of Self-Love is needed this month Scorpios. Whether it’s a big gesture or small one take time out to dote on yourself.  It’s time to surround yourself with family and friends that appreciate you. Being in work-a-holic mode has put you in your own little bubble. Pop the bubble and feel the love.  Also spend  time with family and friends that appreciate you.This well help you feel loved and recharge your batteries.


You have been hard at work Sagittarius getting things in order especially on the career front. Shaking out what you do and don’t want to on a day to day basis. Your hard work will begin to pay off in June as you link up with like minded people and attract opportunities that will bring you happiness and financial rewards.


There will be a situation or conversation that occurs this month that will trigger some deep emotional wounds for you this month Capricorns. Allow yourself to finally release the pain and heal this wound.. As you let go you will recognize that you are fully protected and support in everything you do. That you can freely move forward on your journey and create the life you truly desire.


Your finances will get an extra bit of love this month from the planet Jupiter. Look for unexpected opportunities to make extra cash or you may get some money that has finally paid to you have been looking for. Try to not overspend this month too, save a few dollars for a rainy day. It would benefit you if you took a look over your budget and made sure you are spending wisely.


Are you open to receive gifts Pisces or are quick to turn down a gift? You are always giving to others but when is the last time you received something special? This month will test your heart for being open to receive the blessings that you deserve for your life. Take time to image the door to your heart opening widely to the universe. If you do, don’t be surprise when the showers of blessings come your way.


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Wishing many blessings,


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