Welcome to February 2017


As we start the month off we are feeling energized and strengthened to start getting down to business, riding the wave of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. Under this influence, we will receive the spark some have been looking for to kick off a project, collaborate with a like-minded friend or even start a new relationship.

During most of the month, we will be working with the influence of Venus (planet of relationships, partnerships, finances and the Divine Feminine) and Mars (planet of forward movement, action, passion and Divine Masculine) both in Aries (1st sign of the zodiac). Using these energies we will be standing out more from the crowd shining a light on our leadership abilities, feeling supercharged with more energy than we might have had in some time, seeking financial advice or transactions to shore up our futures, more productivity to get our projects done and our relationships will be fiery.

Full Moon in Leo on the 11th will bring us a time of creative self-expression that allows us to shine a light on our hidden talents. You may have the urge to dance, sing, paint, draw, write and more. Whatever you do make sure you tap into this wonderful flow of creativity during this time.

Valentine’s Day can be a hard day to figure out. Whether attached or single this year, we will have intense energies going at this time that may cause an unnecessary argument. Try your best to keep your cool at this time. If you do run into a disagreement, it will be resolved immediately so that you both can enjoy the day.

Once the sun moves into Pisces (the last sign of the zodiac) we will feel the endings of 2016 energies. With this closure, our intuition and empathic senses will arise. Allow yourself to continue to develop your empathy which can open your heart to be more welcoming to others.

We will be closing out the month on a high as we have the Pisces New Moon on the 26th. Look for the universe to take you deeper into your vision of the year as we make intentions on an empathic and intuitive level.

As always I would like to remind you that Your Creator, Angels, Guides, and Ancestors are working with you. Ask them for assistance when you are feeling stuck or are in need of clarity.

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Until next time, sending you much love and energy for February 2017,


Your Spiritual Navigator