Welcome to 2017


As we begin the new year, we’ll be riding the wave of the Capricorn New Moon that occurred on December 29th, where we review our previous intentions and goals during 2016 that gave us an opportunity to write new ones for 2017.  Also as the month begins we will be in the final week of Mercury Retrograde which turns direct on the 8th. We will still be feeling its effects as Mercury picks up steam and gets back in alignment.

The Full Moon on the 13th in Cancer will have us bringing our attention to our homes, especially our family and friends. If things were rocky during Mercury Retrograde look to things getting back righted and finally releasing those unwanted cords during this Full Moon.

Once we move into Aquarius season on the 19th, the universe will be pushing us to have more free willed with ourselves and standing in our independence. There is nothing to be scared of by stepping out as an Independent being, when we recognize that we are fully supported by the Creator.

We close out the month with an Aquarius New Moon on the 28th. This is where we expand our vision for our intentions and goals. Do it BIG or Don’t even try! We are striving to live consciously together. We may fell like everyone is not at the same level or even striving to move up. Recognize that this is okay. You are finding yourself as well as meeting and working with those that are on your level as well as those that push you to another level or two.

Throughout January we will have opportunities to make positive changes in our lives. As I stated previously with us still being in the winter season, we are reviewing our plans and deciding what resonates with us. Take time asking yourself the following questions as you navigate the energies of January.

  • What does financial security look and feel like to me?
  • Do I have a solid foundation aligned with my universal truth?
  • What is my purpose or life’s path? If you are working on your passion right now great, but how can you expand? If no, what is blocking you?
  • What changes that I need to make, allow or accept in order to align with my goals and intention to bring forth the results I desire?

With these questions and answers, you will be able to build that solid foundation that will become your 2017.  When asking and answering try not to judge your answers or non-answers to the questions. Allow yourself room to explore the answers and shake out your conclusions.

I look forward to working with you all as we expand our lives and align with our truths. If you would like to work with me on a personal level schedule an appointment with me.


Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous 2017


Your Spiritual Navigator

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