Welcome March

Welcome to March 2017,

the annual month of the toss up. A few years ago when I started to pay attention to the seasons more closely, I always wondered about the saying In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb. Why is this so? The month starts under the influence of Pisces and end’s under Aries. These two energies fits perfectly together.

Piscean energies bring us an ending to all of the energies that we have undergone for the last zodiac year. Aries takes us back to the beginning giving us a new start.

As we start March, What are your spiritual needs right now? Are they currently being met? What are the highs that you want to celebrate from the previous twelve months?What lessons did you learn the low points from the previous twelve months?

Moving throughout the month, we will be gaining spiritual independence from our highs and lows as we reflect over our past year. This will help us as we start to plan out our goals and intentions for the rest of 2017.  (You maybe thinking I created New Year’s Resolutions, why should I be creating these goals and intentions now. If this is you, click here to find out why I wait to create my New Intentions until now.)

The Spring Equinox, the annual event where we celebrate the Earth’s awakening from its winter slumber and we start to fully embrace the energies of the year. As you may recall 2017 is all about new beginnings, new opportunities,  journeys, and foundations. At this point of the year, you should be ready to start boldly attacking your intentions and goals by manifesting them.

Days that you should mark on your calendar are:

  • 2nd–This will be a day of expansive ideas. Everyone’s intentions are grand and large. The universe is asking us to uses our best judgments before proceeding with what we perceive as good plans. Think things through fully.
  • 3rd–Venus Retrograde. Venus is the planet of money, finances, relationships on all levels, and beauty. This retrograde transit will give us an opportunity to look deeply at our relationships on every level (intimate, family, work, etc.). We will also look at our finances and how we are spending and saving. You may feel the urge to spruce up your wardrobe as well during this cycle.
  • 12th–Daylight Savings Ends. Our clocks move ahead an hour. Along with Virgo Full Moon. Our focus may be foggy under this full moon’s influence. Virgo is the grounded, analytical sign that is always looking to apply logic to every situation that presents itself. With the sun still in Pisces (the opposite sign of Virgo), it will be pulling us away from the logical world into a more dreamy illusive state of thinking. Better intuitive skills can develop at this time.
  • 20th–Sun moves into Aries. Spring Equinox. Welcome to Spring, finally. We will be feeling energized to get things done. All of the projects that we have been holding back on, will have a good chance of developing roots and growing strong.
  • 27th–Aries New Moon. New bold intentions for 2017 can be created at this time. Aries energies are all about leadership, taking charge, standing out from the crowd, bold and brazen. Apply these energies to your goals as you work on manifesting your desires.
  • 30th–Be mindful not be overly anxious with your projects that we get too ahead of ourselves. Have faith in yourself and the process that everything will fall into place. You may feel very protective of your projects at this time as you feel some power and control issues crop it. It’s okay to work with others, not everyone is looking to use you.

As you can see March is going to be bringing us a variety of energies for us to work with. Make sure that you are taking care of your needs first and foremost at all times. Self-care is always so important to us.

I want to invite you to my Spring Kick-Off party on March 14th at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST. For more info click here. Also grab my FREE March Printable Calendar here.

Reminder, that you are fully support on your journey. Your Creator, Ancestors, Angels and Guides are with you and are guiding you. Do not be afraid to ask them for help. If you would like more support from me, please find a slot on my calendar and let’s get to working together.


Have a Wonderful March!


Your Spiritual Navigator