Virgo New Moon


This Tuesday’s upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo will be bringing us some inspiration as we take inventory of our lives. With every new moon we are making new goals and/or intentions for the next four weeks to six months. The universe is open to receive our intentions and as the moon journey’s to becoming full we are working on whatever goals we have set. Being that it will be a solar eclipse this means the energies will be heighten and whatever you are focusing on will intensified.

Virgo being an earth sign is all about practicality that effects our day-to-day lives. Virgo is the sign of order, discernment, critical-thinking, analyzing, healthy habits, service to ourselves and others, as well as our careers. So during this lunar cycle take time to look at areas in your life especially as it pertains to your health and well-being. Your career and where you are currently at along with where you would like to take it. Tapping into your intuition and really listening to what you receive. Listen and analyze what you receive.

We are also dealing with Mercury Retrograde (listen for more info on Mercury Rx) energies which will cause us to review, redo, rework our plans. Right now mainly tap into the researching and reviewing elements of Mercury Retrograde. Be care not to over-analyze things, try your best to look at things from every angle. You do not have to make any final decisions right now just collect all the information you need so that we when we get to October and November you can make some concrete plans.

If you are stuck and don’t know what you want to focus on that is okay as well. Asking your angels, guides and ancestors for assistance as to where you need to focus your energy is great as well. They are here to assist you, just ask them.

Do you have an idea on what you want to focus on and need clarity? Are you one that asks for assistance from your helpers and still doubt the answers you are getting? Let me assist you, sign up for a service with me.

***Monthly Astrology insights will go up on Friday September 2nd, so check back to see what’s in-store for you astrologically for September*****

Wishing you a wonderful New Moon!


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