September 2016



This will be a turning point month for all of us. We will be transiting, releasing what no longer serves us. We are becoming more practical with what works and what does not work in our lives.

Main Highlights for the month:

  • 9/1–Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse
  • 9/10–Saturn square Neptune finally comes to a head, we will wading through what’s real vs what’s an illusion; stay grounded
  • 9/16—Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, releasing what no longer serves us, healing wounds
  • 9/22—Mercury heads direct motion
  • 9/30—Libra New Moon, creating balanced and confident goals and intentions

More insights for September energies check out my Practical Soul Podcast

Now for the Astrological Insights……


This month you will be more social, which will in turn have you taking not of the company that you keep. Relationships from romantic, business, and family will have your attention this month. The universe wants you to recognize that you deserve the best from those that you spend your life with. Do not settle.


People will be taking notice of your work this month. Everything that you do has a unique style and grace about it, so it is not surprising that folks are starting to pay attention to it now. This recognition will bring an opportunity for growth and possible more money. It may even lead to you moving up at your current job or possibly considering a new position. Congrats!


You will be able to start having more fun this month. There has been a lot of emphasis on your career and family life that you have been slacking on having fun. As the summer is winding down the Universe is pushing you to slow down and schedule a night out on the town. Look at your schedule, grab some friends and let loose Gemini’s you need it!


You also have been busy Cancers and will continue to be. The Universe will be pushing you this month to create a more manageable schedule to handle all of your responsibilities. This schedule change will keep you from burning yourself out. Also do not forget to schedule some downtime, everyone needs time to recharge their batteries.


A breakthrough has occurred over the last few months in your life. You are now face with a new found freedom to live your life fully and completely. Embrace this new found freedom, create a plan for what it is that you want your life to look like. Use the Virgo practical energies to decipher where you are at and where you want to go. Trust your inner wisdom and everything will fall into place.


With the New Moon Eclipse falling in your sign it’s pushing you towards making grand plans for the next six months. Tap into this energy and dream BIG. Every area of your life should have one goal or intention that you want to manifest. The Universe will be supporting you to help  you make it happen. Have trust and faith that it will manifest.


Where are you sabotaging yourself Libras? It’s time to get real with yourself and your unhealthy habits. Its time to release yourself from the habits, thoughts, behaviors, actions and even people that are not serving you and your highest good. Allow your angels and guides to assist with letting go of these things.


Balancing your creative projects and social life will have your attention this month Scorpios. You have great desire to make your dreams come true but you also want to have fun. You can do both, schedule one or tow outings with your family or friends to break up the grind that you are on. You will feel better doing so.


How’s your career life going Sags? Are you happy with the direction it’s going, do you have the desire to make small changes or are you considering making a more drastic change? Whatever you do trust yourself and do your research before making a leap. You are a powerful being that will be able to live the life you truly desire, go at it one step at a time.


See BIG, Think BIG Capricorns. The days of playing small is long gone. The universe will be pushing you to see the BIG Picture of your life so that you can create a game plan from it. You have been second guessing because you been look at a small picture, widen your lens and see the road ahead. The Virgo energies will help you research and review where you are heading before you hit the road in October.


A change of scenery is needed Aquarian’s. You need to get out from your local environment and see the possibilities of the world. This will inspire you to reevaluate the vision you have for your life and create bigger, bolder plans. Even if you can’t go far way from home, inspiration will be found by getting away.


You focus will be on relationships this month. It’s time to look at the past and see what worked an what didn’t in your relationships, pay attention to any patterns that show up. This will help you those that are in relationships as well as those that are considering jumping back into the dating scene. For singles you have the potential to meet someone special this month that can be the real thing. Those that are in partnerships look for those relationships to grow even stronger this month. For all Pisces you can also meet new like minded friend(s).


As always make sure you look at your Ascendant (Rising) and Moon signs as well. If you do not know them, check out your birth chart on you will need your birth time and birthplace.


The Creator, Angels, Guides and your ancestors are here to assist you. Just ask for their assistance they will be there to help you.

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