Soul Navigation Program



Revamp of my Soul Navigation program. This Spiritual Coaching program is geared for those that are ready to awaken more fully to their Spiritual selves. As well as persons that are still struggling to trust themselves and further develop their Spiritual practices.

New to this program is a Personalized Guidebook for participants. Included in the guidebook will be:

  • Personalized Astrological information to help you better understand your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs and how to use them in your favor
  • Igniting your Personal Powerhouse
  • Exclusive Healing Work
  • Practical Exercise to further develop your spiritual practice
  • Create a Personal Altar
  • & More

There will still be Three (3) Levels to the Soul Navigation Program…………

ship-wheel-icon.png (128×128)Basic Soul Navigation-  This service is for those that still in the toe-dipping stage of their Spiritual Awakening. You are curious about intuition, angels, and want to clarity and healing for your life. This is an 8-week experience which includes Clarity Session where we co-create a plan and go over your guidebook for the next 8 weeks and (2) 45-minute coaching calls to support you over the 8 week journey.  Want a session? Click here to schedule

ship-wheel-icon.png (128×128)Soul Navigation Level II-This service is for those that are beyond the toe-dipping and want to start experiencing changes on every level of their lives. You know your gifts but haven’t worked with them on a regular basis.  This experience gives you the practical starting point to fully embrace your gifts and make the changes in your life you desire.  We will have an initial clarity call to set the goals as well as go over your guidebook for this 14-week experience. This includes bi-weekly coaching calls, (1) energy healing session and email support. Ready to dive in? Click here to get started!

ship-wheel-icon.png (128×128)Soul Navigation Level III-This is for those that are SOOOOOO READY for change. You know what your blind spots are, you have worked on them but haven’t seen anything change. Or still trying too but is close to walking away. You are ready to work with someone that can help you change your perspective and kick these blind spots to the curb finally. Take your Spiritual Practice to an expert level. Learn more advance healing techniques, crystals, advance chakras and more. This includes initial clarity call, bi-weekly coaching calls, (2) energy healing sessions, email support for this 3 month experience. Chakra crystal set provided. Ready to take your life to the next level? Click here to get started!


Special Gift: 2018 Moon Journal, a companion daily journal to reflect on the days energies based off what sign the moon is for that day. This journal will be included with the Soul Navigation program or purchased separately.


I understand that not everyone is ready to take the leap of faith and find their blind spots. We all have free will. If you choose not to sign up for a session, I wish you well on your journey as you are comfortable where you are.