October 2016

octWe are now in the month of October and fully in the Libra energies. This allows us to draw down on the harmonious, balanced, progressive energies. Most of us are ready to kiss 2016 good-bye, luckily October will allow us to feel more boldly about our futures and embrace the remaining days of 2016 with a more fever pitch.

We started off the month still under the influence of Libra New Moon which encouraged us set goals and intentions around partnerships, relationships, our finances and careers. For more information on October check out my latest Practical Soul Guidance podcast episode.


Now for astrological insights for  October


Are you ready to to trust yourself Aries? Have you been allowing fear in what’s next or judgment to keep you from tapping into your full potential? Its time for you to allow yourself to fully and completely trust yourself and know that you are capable of meeting your expectations for your life.



Getting your daily duties and health back on track will be your top priority this month. If your schedule has been all over the place the universe is giving you the chance to shift things around and make things more steady for you. Also, if you have been slipping on exercising and/or watching what you have been eating, these harmonious days ahead will help you to find the motivation to do what you need to do to feel better.



Becoming more mindful of who you allow to have power and/or control over you is going to be important this month. Did you sign some contracts or make any agreements with persons over the last month or two that you are finding out is not in your favor? This month you will be able to negotiate and bring things more into your favor. YOu can do this in a peaceful manner there is no need to burn any bridges before you fully able to work with someone.



How are the relationships in your life Cancers? If you have some toxic relationships that you have been needing to let go of, things will come to a head this month. Do not suffer in silence about anything that is bothering you. It is time to air things out and possibly walk away from things. This covers personal and professional relationships so be vigilant Cancers.



The universe is fully supporting you and your work this month Leos. You have a vision of what you want to accomplish especially on your career front. If you have a project that you have been holding back on allow the universe to assist you with manifesting it. Make sure to stay flexible, keep the motto work smart not hard and you will be able to show the work what you are really made of.



Your finances are getting an extra boost this month Virgos. For those that are self-employed recognize that you have the abilities to earn the money to keep you afloat. Others that are working for someone else you could get a special bonus or recognition for what a great worker you are. Keep in mind that money is energy and it responds to what we say and feel about it so be kind.


Self-leadership and self-guidance is important for you right now Libras. Depending on others to make you happy is not what is needed at this time, even if you have a great support group. Your emotional independence is your responsibility. I encourage you to pick your favorite self-care activities and this will help to build you up along with gain more confidence in yourself.



Where are you self-sabotaging yourself Scorpios? The veil is being lifted and it is time for you to get real with yourself, the universe will not allow you to hide anymore. You are being asked to embrace the thought that you can achieve everything that you put your mind too and you will actually accomplish them as well. It’s time for you to commit yourself to living your life to the fullest.


Have you been looking to increase your income? The universe will be supporting you this month to make that money and bring it your way. You will be presented with a project or two that will open the doors to bring in steady income towards you.  If you have full time job you might get a side gig that will bring in a second income to help pad your savings account.



Look out world, you are are more determined and geared up to complete a project or two that you put on the shelves a few months ago. You will have a new vantage point now that you had to take a few detours before coming back to these projects. You will be able to apply the information you learned during your detours to help you complete these projects with more vigor than before.



Self-care is the best care for you at this time Aquarians. Have you been neglecting yourself trying to keep up with everyone else? AS the weather is cooling off, you are being given the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life. Scheduling down time and doing self-care activities will recharge your batteries and you will be better able to accomplish your goals more fully.


How are you using your talents Pisces? Are you staying hidden to prevent from stepping on others toes? Or are you hiding because you are afraid no one will take you seriously? Whatever it is the universe is wanting you to take inventory of your talents and start using them properly so that people can see the value in your work. There is no need to fear that you are lacking anything because you are capable of making things work like no other.

As always make sure you look at your Ascendant (Rising) and Moon signs as well. If you do not know them, check out your birth chart on

http://www.astrotheme.com/ you will need your birth time and birthplace.

The Creator, Angels, Guides and your ancestors are here to assist you. Just ask for their assistance they will be there to help you.

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