November 2016



We are now in the final weeks of 2016, it’s been a year! The universe has really been pushing us to let go of what no longer serves us and tap into a newer way of living. For some this has been a difficult process while others have willingly taking up the call to action and made positive changes in their lives. Where ever you may find yourself right now, November will bring us closer to where we are wanting to go rather than still going round and round on an unwelcomed merry-go-round.


You will find yourself feeling lighter and free as the universe removes the unwanted baggage for us finally. This is not to say that you will not have to do your part in asking for the removal of the baggage and habits to be leave. AS you make the wish, the universe, your angels, guides and ancestors are listening and will assist you in removing it from your life.


Since we are starting the month under the influence of a Scorpio Sun and New Moon energies look for the beginning of the month to be full of positive insights. We are more opened to be in tune with our higher selves and our Creator. Your intuition will also be heightened at this time so make sure you are paying attention to your dreams as well as any signs to from nature. Do not hesitate to ask your Angels, Ancestors and Guides to show you answers via your dream and nature. They will be happy to show you the answers that you are looking for.


For more of an overview of the month of November check out my Practical Soul Guidance podcast.


Now for the astrological insights….


Aries—How well do you work with others? During November you will be taking inventory of how you handle conflict resolutions when working with others. Be mindful of how you are reacting, take time to cool off before you react. Some things are not worth loosing friends or colleagues over.


Taurus—Being that steady rock of support for those in your life will be important to you this month. A family member or a friend that will need your help, you will be willing to step in and help them navigate the hard times they are experiencing. Also you may feel a surge of ambition on the career front this month. Do shy away from the limelight, allow the world to see your gifts.


Gemini—Allowing yourself room to heal old wounds and what is no longer serving you will be your focus for the month. You have been on discovery mission over the past year or two that has led you to this moment in time of healing. Adopting a personal code of ethics that resonates with you and your ideals is part of this healing as well. If you have been trying to live according to someone else’s doctrine for your life. Now is the time to create your own. You will feel much better and start to see doors opening to a more peaceful way of being.


Cancer—Are you ready to show the world the creative being that you are Cancers? You are not one for sharing your inner world with people so easily. November will be a time to let your creative endeavors shine as well reveal a few secrets about yourself to those that are in your inner circle. Being your authentic self will allow you to be more comfortable in your own environment as well as other areas in your life.


Leo—It’s time to get down to business Leos, you have put off for long enough getting your daily schedules in order. This month you are going to be pushed to sit down and figure out what’s working for you daily and what isn’t. Your schedule has been all over the place which has caused discord in other areas of your life. Once you figure out what’s working you will be better able to manage your day to day activities.


Virgo—Avoiding the burn out will be important to you this month. Most Virgos are known for their hard work, you will be getting down to business as usual this month. Make sure that you are taking some down time to recharge your batteries. You will not be able to get everything done that you desire at times, know that this is okay. There is always tomorrow.


Libra—Watching your thoughts of judgment will be important for November Libras. We live in a competitive world and you are not like anyone else that takes inventory of those around them and strive hard to compete in life. You do not want to erode the confidence that you have in yourself and your abilities. Instead find people that inspire you that accomplish their goals in a non-competitive and/or harsh manner. This will help you to stay motivated. You have the ability to accomplish your goals, remember that!


Scorpio—How is your home life? Is there a corner that needs de-cluttering? Are you tired of the same old curtains in your living room? November will be about being more comfortable at home, this can be redecorating a room, donating items that you long use and more. As the days turn cooler you want home to be a safe refuge from the outside. You will also be reconnecting with family and friends this month. Taking time to catch up will be important to you as well as most of Scorpios having birthdays right now celebrating another year of life.


Sagittarius—You will becoming more serious about your life purpose this month. You have spent many of months doubting your purpose despite understanding your calling for some time now. The universe will be pushing you to start making concrete changings towards what it is that you desire to do. For those that are already doing the work, expect an extra boost of assistance to allow space for you to continue to grow and allow you reach to become wider.


Capricorn—You are in a powerful time Capricorns. Acceptance of your true desires without guilt or shame going to be key for you this month. Allow yourself space to let go of your strong self-control and embrace who you truly are and what you desire. You have shied away from this truth for some time, the universe is saying no more. For those Capricorns that have already accepted their desires, look for the universe to make it easier for you to attract your desire and make things happen with grace and ease.


Aquarius—You will have the drive to get it all done this month Aquarius’. Being determined to meet your goals in a timely manner and stay one step ahead of the game. You will also be feeling like the possibilities for your future are endless, this is a great thing. Take time to really sort through what resonates with you and where you are wanting to go. There will be plenty of time to make solid plans you are just wanting to continue to see what your future will hold for you.


Pisces—The universe will be challenging you this month to step boldly with confidence into your purpose. Much of the daunting healing work is behind you, now is the time to start getting down to business and doing the work that you have been called to do. For those that are still confused and/or unsure ask your angels and guides to clarify it. Listen for what resonates with you at this time. Those that have been trying to work on their purpose but felt like spinning their wheels, the universe is fully backing you now. Keep moving forward!


As always make sure you look at your Ascendant (Rising) and Moon signs as well. If you do not know them, check out your birth chart on you will need your birth time and birthplace.

The Creator, Angels, Guides and your ancestors are here to assist you. Just ask for their assistance they will be there to help you.

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