July Insights

For an overview of July 2016, please listen to my Practical Soul Guidance podcast

Now for astrological insights…..


July will have you focusing on cleaning house. Getting rid of clutter (clothes, papers, furniture, etc) to give your home a new life and appeal to you. You will also be looking at relationships as well who is supporting you vs ignoring you? It’s not a bad thing when relationships end, just means that you both need to move on in your lives.


Communication will be on the rise this month. You will be emailing, teaching, linking up, learning and more this month. Whatever projects that have been working on now is the time to start putting them out in the universe. Make sure that you put on your listening ears as well there maybe some opportunities that you can benefit you right now.


Its time for you to ask what is working for you and what isn’t? It is time out for wasting your time on what’s not benefiting you and your highest good especially when it comes to your career. You want to work smart not hard. You will start to find the answers of what you want out of your career and how you are going to have it manifest in your life.


You are coming into your own right now. The fog is being lifted so that you can recognize the real you right now. You will continue to transform and your intuition will continue to show you the path that you are heading on. Have fun this month as well, catch up with other friends, new ones, just enjoy yourself in your birthday season.


Its time for you to ground yourself in your vision. You have an idea of what you want in your life, now is the time to create a vision board and get your desires out for you to see. You can maintain your vision better once you get it out of your head. Also, it’s time for you to forgive¬†yourself, the relationship, person or situation that you are wanting to hold on to. Its not benefiting your growth if you hold on to it. You can forgive but don’t forget the lesson you learned. Trust me you will feel better if you do.


Connecting with like-minded people will happen this month. These connections will help you as you move forward this year and start to expand your career. You will also be working on making your dreams come true, what do you desire in your life? If you think its not going to happen, open your heart because its really going to happen. Trust and faith in the universal timing is important right now.


You will be saying “I can do anything” this month. Which is true Libras, anything you put your mind to you will be able to accomplish. You will be syncing up with the right folks that will be able to assist you on the projects that you are working on especially on the career front. Learning opportunities will be available this month also.


Take a big sigh of relief Scorpios, Mars is heading direct and will be moving out of your sign next month. The last ten weeks may have felt like you have been under the gun to get so much done without making much progress. Well you will be able to work with the flow better now and get things done. Make sure that you are not getting bogged down with trying to be perfect or caught up looking at the small details. Look at the big picture as you make plans for your future.


Sagittarians, July is all about have fun and getting loose. You have been working yourself so hard that you probably haven’t done much to enjoy yourself. Take a vacation or have a staycation this month. This will help you recharge your batteries and be ready for Mars when it moves into your sign next month. It will be pushing you to get lots of things done for the rest of 2016, so you will want to be ready for it.


Relationships, Relationships and more relationships will have your attention in July. You will be making connections with the right folks this month for moving ahead with your career. Your family relationship will get much better if its been lacking over the past few weeks. Those that haven’t been able to connected with other family members schedule a family night to catch up with each other. Your romantic relationships will be getting the glance over as well, if things haven’t been going well it maybe time to move on. For those that are good but need to stoke the flame some, this is a great month. For the singles, you may meet a new friend that will grow into something more.


REvamping your daily routines will be important for you right now. Especially as you are looking to incorporate some healthy habits for your life. Making small changes will take you a long way, this can included not overbooking yourself, trying a different type of exercise routine, adding more fruits and veggies to your diet or staying hydrated in this summer heat. Whatever you do this month make sure to take care of yourself.




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