Happy Holidays



Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

I am not into the Commercialization of Christmas Holiday. I enjoy time to spend with my children and just having down time to reflect on the year.  In this season of gathering with those that you love and enjoying their company, I would like to encourage you to spend time with those that appreciate you and your gifts that you bring to the world. We are all special beings that have unique gifts that we came to share with the world. Make a commitment to yourself for the remainder of 2016 and in 2017 to live unapologetically in your skin and boldly share who you are with the world.

Moving on to fun stuff…..

I know that you most of you are making your holiday shopping list, I wanted also share with you a few of my Favorite things that I have enjoyed this past year. My favorite things come from three of my most treasured parts of what I enjoy in life: Art, Books, and Jewelry.  The creatives behind these gifts are some beautiful people that I have met personally or via social media. It is my prayer that you will choose one or all of them for purchase for those in your lives or as a gift to yourself!




All in Love is Fair by Erica Caines–This book of poetry took me to levels that I never gone to before. Poetry is was one of my least favorite genres to read. Erica took me on a journey of loving completely, letting go of love along with reminding me that love will come again.

Brookie the Baby Sister-o-Saurus by Loren Seals–Written and designed by 8-year-old Loren, takes readers on an adventure of his little sister Brooke. This is a great addition to any child’s home library.

A Dying Planet by A. Jarrell Hayes–Another one of my favorite poets. Take a trip with Nnamdi, a shaman that sets out to save his community and the planet. This book really hits home for me because it was hard to  accept my calling as a Healer and Teacher. Like the lead in this book once you set out on your journey no matter how hard it is you won’t turn back until you meet your goal.


Audrey Marielle–Her art is for the person that loves boldness in their art. I grabbed a colorful Scorpio piece of hers, and everyone that sees it wants it. She also makes commission pieces of art as well, so if you don’t see anything in her shop hit her up and she will create something magically for you.

Broken Shadows (Adult Coloring Book) by Krissi Scribbles–This is a gorgeous collection of original art produced by Krissi. If you follow Krissi on social media she shares her beautiful creations with us. This coloring book will take you on a journey through Krissi’s world.


Lost Queens–this collection of jewelry is all about women of color. Each unique piece is named after a famous woman of color. My favorite piece Erykah, this gorgeous choker necklace makes a simple but bold statement.

Rise Over Run–This collection of eclectic earrings are handmade polymer clay. Sizes vary from small studs to stand out round pieces. My newest favorite earring is the Yula, the colors are just beautiful together.

Tiff’s Glitz–If you are empathic like me or just like beautiful crystal jewelry, then you need to grab a piece from Tiffany. Each piece is handmade and has healing properties of the natural gemstones. For those that are new to crystal jewelry, you can not go wrong with a Chakra bracelet. This piece of jewelry is another way to balance out your chakras and draw out the healing properties for each chakra as well.

I wanted to share two bonus favorite things, first is intimates from Korinne Sky, they have something for everyone whether you are wanting to spice things up for your mate or just need something cute and comfy to wear to bed. My favorite goodie is the Lounge Romper, this simplistic romper is comfy and nice to wear around the house.

Secondly, for those that want to be prepared for 2017, grab an Annual Reading. With three great options for this reading, I am sure you will find one that meets your needs.


Wishing you Wonderful and Joyous Holiday Season



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