December 2016

dec16Welcome to December 2016, we are at the end of another year!

Can you believe it? We have been through so much this year.

I want you to take the first few days of the month to reflect on 2016, really celebrate all that has happened you may be saying I don’t have much to celebrate. I would say YES YOU DO! Through all of your challenges you have learned a lesson, let go of some toxic relationships and/or energies and feeling much better even if you don’t see a lot of gains. This is okay, you have done the work and will make room for brighter things in the new year!

As for December, we have a few things, occurring of note that I want you to be aware of the BIGGIE is Mercury Retrograde on December 19th. For more information on Mercury Rx click here. For more on the energies of December, listen to my latest podcast episode.

Moving onto the astrological insights….


You have space now to maneuver and this means taking the steps to prepare yourself for taking life to another level standing your ground will be what work for you throughout this month. Allow yourself to boldly work your magic and watch it play out in your highest good.


Your vision of life has expanded greatly this year, it was not always easy but now you are able to take advantage of your hard work. You will be more confident now and make decisions that will pay off for short and long term gains.


An important conversation will be had this month Geminis. It maybe with a significant other, friend or even with yourself. This conversation has been needed because a lot has been unresolved with this person. Try to have it before Mercury Rx that way all parties involved will be able to hear each other. Once you do have the conversation, you will feel much lighter.


This month you will be opening your hearts more Cancers. Loving yourself more will allow for the vibration of love to travel to your family and friends which come right back to you. This opening of your heart will also bring an old friend back to you. Look for opportunities to meet more like minded people also.


Switching up your day to day schedule will be important for you this month Leos. Whether you are looking to switch up duties at work, add a new exercise routine or create better eating habits whatever it is you will have the willpower right now to switch things up.


December will have you paying more attention to your needs. Sometimes we have to get selfish and put other needs to the back burner. This is not saying you won’t be there for your family and friends but you are in need of taking care of yourself FIRST right now. Schedule a spa day or just a day alone. This will hep you reignite your fire.


An unresolved family wound may pop up for you this month Libras. Instead of running away from the drama, look at the situation from a different angle. You are being shown a new perspective right now that will allow you to heal and move on from this issue once and for ALL!


Tapping into your spiritual sides of life is going to be really important for you this month Scorpios. You are in need of realignment as you are going to be letting go of some dead weight. By aligning with your spiritual principles the shedding that you are doing won’t knock you down but only empower you!


Your finances and money will be what you are working in December. Look for the universe to bring you creative ways to boost your income as well as save some money for a rainy day. This will boost your confidence as you set your sights on 2017!


Learning that it’s okay to be vulnerable with those that support you will be key for you making it in December. You will have a few moments that you will need others to help you find your way. Understand that you have a great group of people to lean on and they won’t judge you. You will be strengthened by their acts of kindness as well as empower you.


Tuning out the self-doubt and turning up the volume on your inner wisdom will be what you are working on this month Aquarians. Sometimes you get caught up on over analyzing things that you miss the message that is trying to come to you. It is time for you to turn down the doubt and fear and listen to your higher self. It will lead you to the desired outcome that you are looking for.  Good Luck!


Great healing and awakening have occurred this year for you Pisces. December is all about you embracing this new you and standing in your truth. Through your personal healing and growth, you are now able to share your journey with others and inspire them to do the same. Job well done!

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THave a wonderful December





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