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Welcome to 2017

  As we begin the new year, we’ll be riding the wave of the Capricorn New Moon that occurred on December 29th, where we review our previous intentions and goals during 2016 that gave us an opportunity to write new ones for 2017.  Also as the month begins we will be in the final week of Mercury […]

December 2016

Welcome to December 2016, we are at the end of another year! Can you believe it? We have been through so much this year. I want you to take the first few days of the month to reflect on 2016, really celebrate all that has happened you may be saying I don’t have much to celebrate. […]

November 2016

  We are now in the final weeks of 2016, it’s been a year! The universe has really been pushing us to let go of what no longer serves us and tap into a newer way of living. For some this has been a difficult process while others have willingly taking up the call to […]

October 2016

We are now in the month of October and fully in the Libra energies. This allows us to draw down on the harmonious, balanced, progressive energies. Most of us are ready to kiss 2016 good-bye, luckily October will allow us to feel more boldly about our futures and embrace the remaining days of 2016 with […]

September 2016

  This will be a turning point month for all of us. We will be transiting, releasing what no longer serves us. We are becoming more practical with what works and what does not work in our lives. Main Highlights for the month: 9/1–Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse 9/10–Saturn square Neptune finally comes to a […]

July Insights

For an overview of July 2016, please listen to my Practical Soul Guidance podcast Now for astrological insights….. Aries July will have you focusing on cleaning house. Getting rid of clutter (clothes, papers, furniture, etc) to give your home a new life and appeal to you. You will also be looking at relationships as well […]