Mercury Retrograde


Mercury Retrograde Revealed


When a planet is retrograde, it looks like it’s reeling backward through the zodiac. In truth, the planets move forward constantly, but that’s not the way it looks. Although the Sun and the Moon clearly revolve in the same direction all year every year, the planets seem to follow a less consistent pattern. On a regular schedule, each of the planets appears to slow down, reverse direction, and retrace its path, arcing backward across the zodiac. For weeks or months at a time (depending on the planet), it wheels against the planetary tide. Then once again, it seems to slow down, turn around, and resume normal movement (which is referred to as going direct).


When ancient astronomers saw the heavenly bodies whirling backward, they invented all kinds of schemes to account for the phenomenon. In the second century BCE, for example, astronomers in Greece were convinced that the planets looped around their usual orbits on little spheres carved from the purest crystal. Needless to say, they were wrong. The planets never actually switched direction. Retrograde motion is solely a perception — an illusion caused by the fact that the planets, including Earth, are always in motion, tracing arcs across the sky as they loop around the Sun at varying speeds. You can experience the same disconcerting effect in a train. If two trains pull out of the station

together but your train is moving faster, the train on the adjacent track appears to slide backward. That backward motion, like the retrograde motion of the planets, is an optical illusion.


Successfully Handling Retrograde Mercury


Here’s a typical scenario from my life: The phone rings. I pick it up hesitantly (because, like most people, I have a teeny bit of telephone ESP). And indeed, it’s one of the usual suspects calling in a frenzy after having experienced one frustration too many. The final straw may be a lost ATM card, an endless wait in the doctor’s office, a missed appointment, a computer crash, the inability to rent an apartment at 1977 prices, a voice mail disaster, or another harrowing descent into an HMO inferno. Listening to the litany, I know what’s coming. My faithful follower is about to ask this question: Is Mercury retrograde? Often, the answer is yes. Tiny Mercury, the planet nearest the Sun, appears to

change direction more frequently than any other planet. It goes into “reverse” three or four times a year for around three weeks at a stretch. During those irksome interludes — and particularly at the beginning and end — you can expect small mishaps, petty annoyances, and all sorts of miscommunication. When Mercury is retrograde, messages disappear in cyberspace, straightforward statements are misinterpreted, people forget appointments and lose papers, and answering machines, faxes, copiers, computers, and cellphones threaten to strike.


Making the best of it


Why crazy things happen when Mercury is retrograde, I can’t claim to know. Astrology, to my way of thinking, is a system of metaphor, a symbolic cosmic language that reflects our lives the way the sea reflects the sky. So even though none of the planets ever actually spin backward, their apparent turnaround subtly affects our reactions, our perceptions, and our experiences.

When Mercury is retrograde, vexation abounds. Yet despite what you may have heard — and despite the inventory of possible woes I listed earlier in the chapter — retrograde Mercury isn’t to be feared. It’s a lesser force, not a tsunami. It forces you to slow down (because you’re stuck in a traffic jam), to be flexible (because your flight just got canceled), to check on things you might normally ignore (because your package should have arrived by now). It encourages you to try another approach. Thus it offers something most people desperately need: a timeout, a chance to pick up the pieces.


When Mercury is retrograde, do not

  • Launch an important project.
  • Purchase a computer, a cellphone, a Blackberry, or any other communication device, including expensive fountain pens.
  • Buy a car, a boat, or a home.
  • Move into a new dwelling.
  • Start a job.
  • Begin a relationship.
  • Sign a contract.
  • Expect things to go smoothly.
  • Try to fight the fates. Forcing things to happen on your schedule only creates further mayhem.

To get the most out of Mercury retrograde, breathe a sigh of relief and get off that treadmill. You’ve been given a reprieve. All you have to do is

  • Review.
  • Revise. (Mercury retrograde is invaluable for writers.)
  • Reconsider. (If a former lover or an old problem reappears, Mercury retrograde can help you resolve the situation.)
  • Revisit the past.
  • Change your mind.
  • Confirm your reservations.
  • Check the facts.
  • Make repairs.
  • Do tasks you’ve been postponing.
  • Correct mistakes.
  • Get organized.
  • Catch up on all forms of correspondence

Being A Blessing

Being A Blessing

Last month during a meditation and reflection time, I was thinking about my upcoming 40th birthday. It is still unreal to me that I am going to be 40 this year. I feel like I have accomplished a lot but I still have not accomplished some of the bigger things on my list that I came here to do. I know that during 2018, some of those goals and intentions will be crossed off.

While thinking upon my list, I became grateful too of being able to live so long to be able to do all of the wonderful things that I have already done. I do not look down upon others nor thrust a privilege around from being able to travel, meet, learn, earn and do more. I am truly grateful for everything that has happen even the not so great things too.

This got me to think outside of myself and my privileges as well and how can I help others. I decided that I would like to be a blessing unto 20 Women of Color that I do not know. I am always giving back with my time and resources to my friends and family. I really wanted to expand my reach with this birthday by blessing those that I do not know. My blessing unto them will be from the heart and meet their needs. I have set up a simple entry form for you to sign up if you are interested to entering in this gift from me. I am encouraging Women from the LGBTIQA community to enter.

I know that I will not be able to meet the needs of everyone or all of the entries I receive, I appreciate your entries and love you. I will not share your information with anyone. You have until March 1st to enter and I will email persons directly by March 9th.

Let me know if you have any questions, please email me.

2018 Annual Reading



Would you like to have an insight on what 2018 will bring to you?

What would you do if you had a snap-shot of what each month will bring to us?

2018 will be an expansion of  all of the new learnings and growth from 2017. We will be more welcoming towards the paths that we started to embark on. With having this annual reading, you will be able to prepare yourself accordingly so that when life’s challenges come your way, they won’t rock your world.


Like last year there will be three options to purchase


Option 1

5-card Tarot reading covering four quarters of year and theme for 2018

New/Full Moon Ritual Guide Sheet

New—30-minute phone consultation to discuss reading

Only $57


Option 2 (Includes Option 1)

Personalized Astrological Insights based on Sun/Moon/Rising signs

New—Hour phone consultation to discuss reading and One (1) additional hour long call for free during 2018

Only $87


Option 3 (Includes Option 2)

Hour Phone consultation to discuss reading

One Energy Healing Session

New—One call per quarter for 2018 (3 additional hour long calls for free)

New—2018 Daily Moon Journal

Only $ 127

Annual Reading


The annual reading will be open for orders on Wednesday November 1st and sale ends on December 15th

This will be a downloadable PDF report will be emailed out to you, expect delivery by Friday, January 5th, 2018.

Have questions? Send me an email at


Exciting News


Coming in 2018…..


Revamp of my Soul Navigation program. This weekly coaching program is geared for those that are ready to awaken more fully to their Spiritual selves. As well as persons that are still struggling to trust themselves and further develop their Spiritual practices.

New to this program is a Personalized Guidebook for participants. Included in the guidebook will be:

  • Personalized Astrological information to help you better understand your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs and how to use them in your favor
  • Igniting your Personal Powerhouse
  • Exclusive Healing Work
  • Practical Exercise to further develop your spiritual practice
  • Create a Personal Altar
  • & More


There will still be Three (3) Levels to the Soul Navigation Program…………….

Soul Navigation Level I—This service is for those that still in the toe-dipping stage of their Spiritual Awakening. You want to clarity and healing for your life. This is an 8-week experience which includes Three (3) 45-minute coaching calls.

Soul Navigation Level II—This service is for those that are beyond the toe-dipping and want to start experiencing changes on every level of their lives. We will have an initial clarity call to set the goals for this 14-week experience. This includes bi-weekly coaching calls and email support.

Soul Navigation Level III—Take your Spiritual Practice to an expert level. Learn more advance healing techniques, crystals, advance chakras and more. This includes initial clarity call, bi-weekly coaching calls, (2) energy healing sessions, email support for this 26-week experience. Chakra crystal set provided.


Special Treat:

Companion Daily Moon Journal, daily journal to reflect on the days energies based off what sign the moon is for that day. This journal will be included with the Soul Navigation program or purchased separately.


Got Questions or want to sign up? 

This program begins in January 2018

Quick Update on Services



Hello Everyone,

I hope you have been having a fantastic Summer. As we head out of summer into fall I want to update you quickly about my services.  Starting in September my services will be changing as well as prices will be increasing. I will no longer be offering 30-minute Intuitive Readings most of my readings run longer so I have decided to offer a 45-minute reading instead. In addition, I have added a 90-minute reading.  The prices will be $77 and $97 respectively.  I will also be providing you with the option to Skype me for your reading.

If you would like to work with me on a more regular basis, I encourage you to take advantage of my Coaching Services, which are great for those that would like to work with me weekly to guide you on your journey.

Weekly Pathfinder

I am forever grateful for you all and enjoy working with each everyone of you and look forward to working with you in the near future.





You are Supported


This past week was a busy one for me as I have mentioned here before I still work a day job, my boss and I were in the middle of moving this whole week.  It was a bittersweet move because I made some great connections with coworkers at the space and they would be missed. I was quite reflective this past week especially around my work with you my clients and my business going forward.
Most people would agree with me that I am an introvert and in my business of Reading, Healing and Coaching it can be hard to make those meaningful connections through online mediums. I constantly struggle with feeling like I am talking to myself when I send out these emails or posting on Twitter and Facebook. But this week during one of my sessions with a veteran client of mines, she shared with me “We (you guys my clients) might not respond to you but we hear you and your messages are always on time”. This comment brought me so much joy.
Shortly after this conversation, I got a chance to meet some people and changed their lives for the better on this past week. They were skeptical of my work and if I could assist them. Let’s just say after the brief conversation we had, they are believers in me and themselves.
Both of these instances helped to reaffirm my work and my voice. I love sharing messages of encouragement as well as kicking some of you in gear to get on track with your lives. I can never tell you all how grateful for you each and every week those that respond to my newsletter, say thanks on Twitter and/or Facebook, like a picture on Instagram or just say thanks through text message.
In this busy chaotic world, I want to give you the practical wisdom and tools to make your lives a little less chaotic.  You are not alone nor is what you are working towards in your life invalid. You are fully supported to create the life that you desire.
Thank you all of you whether we have had a 1 on 1 session or you just grabbed a freebie from my list. You are the ones that I do this for and will continue to do it for.
Can’t wait to continue on this journey with you all…..



April 2017

Welcome to April, we are now in the second quarter of the year. To me it feels like we are really just getting the year started since we celebrated the welcoming of Spring and the zodiac new year. So you can look at April as another starting period. It is going to be a pretty busy month. A lot of it will be on a mental and emotional level as we really search deep within ourselves as we take charge of lives and stand in our truth. As well as work on manifesting things we desire for our lives.
Days to be mindful of
6th–Saturn stations retrograde. Saturn is the planet of karma and soul lessons. We will feel like the past, present, and future are all blurred together because we are feel the effects of energies that we have carried over several lifetimes especially if we have not done the work to learn and heal from them. You may feel a lot of sadness and loss over especially the first few days of Saturn Rx as well as when it turns stationary for direct motion.
9th–Mercury stations retrograde. Be Prepared for communication issues, travel delays, and electronics on the fritz. Pack your patience. Listen to my Mercury Rx podcast episode.
11th–Libra Full Moon. Look for things to come to the surface. If someone has been holding back from you, all will be revealed at this time. If you have been holding back your truth you may be saying it loudly at this time.
15th–Venus stations direct. Relationships will begin to start to feel better. Allowing things to simmer on their own maybe the best move at this time no need to rush. We have until May 18th for Venus to come out of it’s shadow phase from the retrograde cycle.
19th–Sun moves into Taurus. Practical changes ahead. Be mindful to be flexible with your plans.
20th–Pluto retrograde begins. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth along with power and control. This retrograde will bring us opportunities for progress as we let go of what no longer serves us. We will also have some obstacles that will have our attention that we will learn about our inner strength and ability to overcome them.
26th–Taurus New Moon. Things will be moving slowly but steady progress is still progress.
Forgiveness is going to be an important theme for us all this month. If there is someone that you need to forgive the universe is giving you space to do it at this time. Also make sure that you are forgiving yourself often, sometimes situations and circumstances do not turn as we desire them too. Give yourself room to make mistakes and forgive for we are all working to do our best.
As you can see April is going to be a very pivotal month for us as we journey through 2017. On those days that feel overwhelming or stressful take a few breathes to reset yourself and day. Just a reminder that our challenging times bring us opportunities to really find our selves and align with our truths. We may not like it but the Creator pushes us to embrace the lives that we are destined to live. Make sure to take some time also to enjoy the warmer weather. Connecting with like-minded people will help you to remember your purpose and renew the joy that you may feel at times is lost.
You are reminded that you are fully supported by Your Creator, Angels, Guides and Ancestors. When you feel as though you are ready to give up, call upon them to assist you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you find yourself stuck and needing clarity or are tired of beating your head against the wall and would like someone to help you complete the goals that you are trying to meet, I am here to assist you.  Please send me an email or checkout my services and hop on my calendar.
Have a fantastic April!


Welcome March

Welcome to March 2017,

the annual month of the toss up. A few years ago when I started to pay attention to the seasons more closely, I always wondered about the saying In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb. Why is this so? The month starts under the influence of Pisces and end’s under Aries. These two energies fits perfectly together.

Piscean energies bring us an ending to all of the energies that we have undergone for the last zodiac year. Aries takes us back to the beginning giving us a new start.

As we start March, What are your spiritual needs right now? Are they currently being met? What are the highs that you want to celebrate from the previous twelve months?What lessons did you learn the low points from the previous twelve months?

Moving throughout the month, we will be gaining spiritual independence from our highs and lows as we reflect over our past year. This will help us as we start to plan out our goals and intentions for the rest of 2017.  (You maybe thinking I created New Year’s Resolutions, why should I be creating these goals and intentions now. If this is you, click here to find out why I wait to create my New Intentions until now.)

The Spring Equinox, the annual event where we celebrate the Earth’s awakening from its winter slumber and we start to fully embrace the energies of the year. As you may recall 2017 is all about new beginnings, new opportunities,  journeys, and foundations. At this point of the year, you should be ready to start boldly attacking your intentions and goals by manifesting them.

Days that you should mark on your calendar are:

  • 2nd–This will be a day of expansive ideas. Everyone’s intentions are grand and large. The universe is asking us to uses our best judgments before proceeding with what we perceive as good plans. Think things through fully.
  • 3rd–Venus Retrograde. Venus is the planet of money, finances, relationships on all levels, and beauty. This retrograde transit will give us an opportunity to look deeply at our relationships on every level (intimate, family, work, etc.). We will also look at our finances and how we are spending and saving. You may feel the urge to spruce up your wardrobe as well during this cycle.
  • 12th–Daylight Savings Ends. Our clocks move ahead an hour. Along with Virgo Full Moon. Our focus may be foggy under this full moon’s influence. Virgo is the grounded, analytical sign that is always looking to apply logic to every situation that presents itself. With the sun still in Pisces (the opposite sign of Virgo), it will be pulling us away from the logical world into a more dreamy illusive state of thinking. Better intuitive skills can develop at this time.
  • 20th–Sun moves into Aries. Spring Equinox. Welcome to Spring, finally. We will be feeling energized to get things done. All of the projects that we have been holding back on, will have a good chance of developing roots and growing strong.
  • 27th–Aries New Moon. New bold intentions for 2017 can be created at this time. Aries energies are all about leadership, taking charge, standing out from the crowd, bold and brazen. Apply these energies to your goals as you work on manifesting your desires.
  • 30th–Be mindful not be overly anxious with your projects that we get too ahead of ourselves. Have faith in yourself and the process that everything will fall into place. You may feel very protective of your projects at this time as you feel some power and control issues crop it. It’s okay to work with others, not everyone is looking to use you.

As you can see March is going to be bringing us a variety of energies for us to work with. Make sure that you are taking care of your needs first and foremost at all times. Self-care is always so important to us.

I want to invite you to my Spring Kick-Off party on March 14th at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST. For more info click here. Also grab my FREE March Printable Calendar here.

Reminder, that you are fully support on your journey. Your Creator, Ancestors, Angels and Guides are with you and are guiding you. Do not be afraid to ask them for help. If you would like more support from me, please find a slot on my calendar and let’s get to working together.


Have a Wonderful March!


Your Spiritual Navigator


Welcome to February 2017


As we start the month off we are feeling energized and strengthened to start getting down to business, riding the wave of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. Under this influence, we will receive the spark some have been looking for to kick off a project, collaborate with a like-minded friend or even start a new relationship.

During most of the month, we will be working with the influence of Venus (planet of relationships, partnerships, finances and the Divine Feminine) and Mars (planet of forward movement, action, passion and Divine Masculine) both in Aries (1st sign of the zodiac). Using these energies we will be standing out more from the crowd shining a light on our leadership abilities, feeling supercharged with more energy than we might have had in some time, seeking financial advice or transactions to shore up our futures, more productivity to get our projects done and our relationships will be fiery.

Full Moon in Leo on the 11th will bring us a time of creative self-expression that allows us to shine a light on our hidden talents. You may have the urge to dance, sing, paint, draw, write and more. Whatever you do make sure you tap into this wonderful flow of creativity during this time.

Valentine’s Day can be a hard day to figure out. Whether attached or single this year, we will have intense energies going at this time that may cause an unnecessary argument. Try your best to keep your cool at this time. If you do run into a disagreement, it will be resolved immediately so that you both can enjoy the day.

Once the sun moves into Pisces (the last sign of the zodiac) we will feel the endings of 2016 energies. With this closure, our intuition and empathic senses will arise. Allow yourself to continue to develop your empathy which can open your heart to be more welcoming to others.

We will be closing out the month on a high as we have the Pisces New Moon on the 26th. Look for the universe to take you deeper into your vision of the year as we make intentions on an empathic and intuitive level.

As always I would like to remind you that Your Creator, Angels, Guides, and Ancestors are working with you. Ask them for assistance when you are feeling stuck or are in need of clarity.

If you would like a personalized monthly reading that includes an Angel Tarot Card and Astrological insights from your Sun, Rising and Moon signs please email me.





Until next time, sending you much love and energy for February 2017,


Your Spiritual Navigator