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2018 Annual Reading

    Would you like to have an insight on what 2018 will bring to you? What would you do if you had a snap-shot of what each month will bring to us? 2018 will be an expansion of  all of the new learnings and growth from 2017. We will be more welcoming towards the […]

Exciting News

  Coming in 2018…..   Revamp of my Soul Navigation program. This weekly coaching program is geared for those that are ready to awaken more fully to their Spiritual selves. As well as persons that are still struggling to trust themselves and further develop their Spiritual practices. New to this program is a Personalized Guidebook […]

Quick Update on Services

    Hello Everyone, I hope you have been having a fantastic Summer. As we head out of summer into fall I want to update you quickly about my services.  Starting in September my services will be changing as well as prices will be increasing. I will no longer be offering 30-minute Intuitive Readings most of my […]

You are Supported

  This past week was a busy one for me as I have mentioned here before I still work a day job, my boss and I were in the middle of moving this whole week.  It was a bittersweet move because I made some great connections with coworkers at the space and they would be […]

April 2017

Welcome to April, we are now in the second quarter of the year. To me it feels like we are really just getting the year started since we celebrated the welcoming of Spring and the zodiac new year. So you can look at April as another starting period. It is going to be a pretty busy […]

Welcome March

Welcome to March 2017, the annual month of the toss up. A few years ago when I started to pay attention to the seasons more closely, I always wondered about the saying In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb. Why is this so? The month starts under the influence of Pisces and end’s under Aries. […]

Welcome to February 2017

  As we start the month off we are feeling energized and strengthened to start getting down to business, riding the wave of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. Under this influence, we will receive the spark some have been looking for to kick off a project, collaborate with a like-minded friend or even […]

Welcome to 2017

  As we begin the new year, we’ll be riding the wave of the Capricorn New Moon that occurred on December 29th, where we review our previous intentions and goals during 2016 that gave us an opportunity to write new ones for 2017.  Also as the month begins we will be in the final week of Mercury […]

December 2016

Welcome to December 2016, we are at the end of another year! Can you believe it? We have been through so much this year. I want you to take the first few days of the month to reflect on 2016, really celebrate all that has happened you may be saying I don’t have much to celebrate. […]

Happy Holidays

  Happy Holidays Everyone!!! I am not into the Commercialization of Christmas Holiday. I enjoy time to spend with my children and just having down time to reflect on the year.  In this season of gathering with those that you love and enjoying their company, I would like to encourage you to spend time with […]