August 2016



Are ready to start living your life in your truth? Have you began to remove the veil of the old life and starting to see the new you? Well August will have us sorting through what’s real vs what is an illusion? Be prepared for unexpected twist and turns to our lives as well as exciting opportunities to meet like-minded people. You may even find a new mentor or teacher to enhance your personal or professional life. Finances will also be on our radar as we grapple with getting our financial houses in order. Making sure to love on ourselves as much as possible through self-care and meditation will assist us as we continue to sort through our lives and build bigger and brighter futures for ourselves.


Important dates to mark on your calendar are

Tuesday August 2nd we will be having a New Moon in Leo. This new moon will bring our attention to our leadership skills, creativity and what we are passionate about. Create a plan for the next five months of 2016 as well as give yourself space to peak at the first quarter of 2017. Leos like to dream big, so dream it, speak it and do it!



Saturday August 13th Saturn is moving in Sagittarius, this will brings us more optimistic outlook for ourselves. This is the time to ask yourself Are you really free? If not, why so? If so, what am I doing well and how can I continue living this way?


On Thursday 18th brings us the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, look for the universe to give extra insight to what is real vs what is an illusion in your life.


For a more complete overview of the month of August 2016, check out my latest episode of Practical Soul Guidance podcast.


Now for individual astrological sign insights….

Aries—Who is with you and who isn’t is the question you will be asking yourself this month. It is time for you to let go of a relationship that no longer benefits you. I know it can be hard but there is no need to have toxic people in your life. You want to live better not cause yourself disease. Trust you meet a couple of new people this month that will brighten up your life.

Taurus—Home is where you heart lies Taurus, this month will have you really clearing out the closets, redecorating or even find a new space to live. It is time for you to freshen up your space and switch of the energetic flow in your space. If you aren’t regularly using sage to clear out the energies in your house. I suggest you get started this month. Also don’t forget to have fun this month, you are known to be a workaholic, let your fun side show every once in a while it will help you recharge your energy as well.

Gemini—Finding a level of balance will have your focus this month Gemini’s. You cannot keep running around trying to take care of everything without taking care of yourself as well. Make sure that you are honoring your commitments as well as taking some downtime for yourself to recharge your batteries. You can drive your car on a empty tank so why are you trying to live your life on empty as well.

Cancer—Closing an chapter in life that needs to be over with will occur this month. There is no need for you to keep harboring on some old wounds any more. If you need to cry, scream, dance, healing work or journal out the pain of the past. Whatever you do this month make sure healing your past motivates you to live a more complete life. A financial breakthrough can also occur this month so be on the lookout for it.

Leo-August will be about you embracing the next steps for your life and creating a plan for them. You will be feeling more independent and creative especially when to your life. Accepting your new independence and make it happen Leos. Your love life will get an extra umph this month as well. If you are in a relationship things will heat up between your and you. If you are single and looking you be opening to meeting a new friend this month.

Virgo—Growth and opportunities will be coming your way this month Virgos. You are ready to make some big plans for your future with Mercury Rx occurring in your sign at the end of this month and throughout September. Writing up your game plan and putting the pieces together bring you some joy. But don’t get to involved with the details allow the universe to make things happen.

Libra—You are finally starting to feel like life is back to balance after months of topsy-turvy energies. It’s time for you to look at what works and what have you released from your life. This will help you to create day-to-day schedule to keep yourself on the right course and things will fall into place for you. Maintain your trust and faith in yourself. Connecting with new like-minded people will boost your ego as well this month.

Scorpio–Your career is moving to another level this month Scorpios. Be on the lookout for some exciting opportunities to come your way that resonates with what you want to do career-wise, if you need to sign a contract do it before Mercury Rx starts later this month. Or look over the contract and foundation of the work then by the time October comes you are a ready to go. Keep up with your meditation practice this month also.

Sagittarius—This month will bring you opportunities to learn something new or further your education on something that is near and dear to your heart as well as your career. You may also be presented with an opportunity to speak others. Make sure that you take care of yourself this month Sags, if you can take a quick getaway, schedule one, you need it.

Capricorn—It’s all about the money for you this month. Finding ways to bring more income to you starts with how you value yourself and money. How do feel about your value Capricorns? Do you feel worthy of the best? If so, great, continue to walk in this truth that you are. If not, why not? Get down to the nitty gritty once and for all so that you can live more abundantly financially. Create a nice space in your home too that will help you to shower extra love on yourself.

Aquarius—Your hard work is going to start paying off for you this month Aquarius. If you have been planning, plotting, creating for your career, business and just in your life in general the rewards are coming. Embrace the new things along with continuing to stand in your truth and freedom. Try not to push too hard as you start implementing your plans, stay in the flow of universal timing and trust that it is coming to you sooner than you think. Celebrate the wins you have already had this year and watch how quickly new wins will happen.

Pisces—Have you been neglecting yourself Pisces? Is everyone getting your energy and you are left with scraps when it comes to your life? Take back your energy, time, effort and all in August. Setting healthier boundaries with those you love and work will keep you running smoothly rather than on empty. Make a more conscious effort (I know this can be hard) to keeping a schedule and sticking to it! Watch your diet as well, make sure you are eating a more moderate diet instead of indulging in a lot of unhealthy foods. If you need help, ask one of your friends to be an accountability partner. You can do it!


As always your Creator, Angels, Guides and Ancestors are with you. Just ask them to assist you when you are stuck and they will help. If you need someone to help you more further, please do not hesitate to send me an email or sign up for one of my services.

Wishing you a wonderful month!



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