April 2017

Welcome to April, we are now in the second quarter of the year. To me it feels like we are really just getting the year started since we celebrated the welcoming of Spring and the zodiac new year. So you can look at April as another starting period. It is going to be a pretty busy month. A lot of it will be on a mental and emotional level as we really search deep within ourselves as we take charge of lives and stand in our truth. As well as work on manifesting things we desire for our lives.
Days to be mindful of
6th–Saturn stations retrograde. Saturn is the planet of karma and soul lessons. We will feel like the past, present, and future are all blurred together because we are feel the effects of energies that we have carried over several lifetimes especially if we have not done the work to learn and heal from them. You may feel a lot of sadness and loss over especially the first few days of Saturn Rx as well as when it turns stationary for direct motion.
9th–Mercury stations retrograde. Be Prepared for communication issues, travel delays, and electronics on the fritz. Pack your patience. Listen to my Mercury Rx podcast episode.
11th–Libra Full Moon. Look for things to come to the surface. If someone has been holding back from you, all will be revealed at this time. If you have been holding back your truth you may be saying it loudly at this time.
15th–Venus stations direct. Relationships will begin to start to feel better. Allowing things to simmer on their own maybe the best move at this time no need to rush. We have until May 18th for Venus to come out of it’s shadow phase from the retrograde cycle.
19th–Sun moves into Taurus. Practical changes ahead. Be mindful to be flexible with your plans.
20th–Pluto retrograde begins. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth along with power and control. This retrograde will bring us opportunities for progress as we let go of what no longer serves us. We will also have some obstacles that will have our attention that we will learn about our inner strength and ability to overcome them.
26th–Taurus New Moon. Things will be moving slowly but steady progress is still progress.
Forgiveness is going to be an important theme for us all this month. If there is someone that you need to forgive the universe is giving you space to do it at this time. Also make sure that you are forgiving yourself often, sometimes situations and circumstances do not turn as we desire them too. Give yourself room to make mistakes and forgive for we are all working to do our best.
As you can see April is going to be a very pivotal month for us as we journey through 2017. On those days that feel overwhelming or stressful take a few breathes to reset yourself and day. Just a reminder that our challenging times bring us opportunities to really find our selves and align with our truths. We may not like it but the Creator pushes us to embrace the lives that we are destined to live. Make sure to take some time also to enjoy the warmer weather. Connecting with like-minded people will help you to remember your purpose and renew the joy that you may feel at times is lost.
You are reminded that you are fully supported by Your Creator, Angels, Guides and Ancestors. When you feel as though you are ready to give up, call upon them to assist you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you find yourself stuck and needing clarity or are tired of beating your head against the wall and would like someone to help you complete the goals that you are trying to meet, I am here to assist you.  Please send me an email or checkout my services and hop on my calendar.
Have a fantastic April!