I believe everyone deserves to live an empowered life. I teach my clients how to utilize their intuition more effectively and provide tools to manage their energy so they navigate life more effortless.


Who is Melinda?


I am a Master Intuitive and Reiki Level II Practitioner that merged those skills to become a Spiritual Navigator. For many years I denied my own personal gifts and after going down the path of self-discovery to gain clarity around my gifts I began to use them on myself as well as others doing personalized readings and teaching.


As a Spiritual Navigator, I assist my clients through my T.E.A.C.H module

T-eaching how to tap into their gifts and use them in their everyday lives

E-mpowering them to effortlessly live their lives to the fullest

A-ssisting them by providing the tools and skills they need

C-larity in finding their blind spots and overcoming them

H-ealing past, present and future wounds with Reiki/Intuitive Healing


I have since began personalized one-on-one private client session, teaching courses on developing your intuition and meeting your spirit guides and angels. This past spring I started hosting Practical Soul Guidance bi-weekly podcast as well.


My drive is to help a person to rediscover their own unique gifts to live healthy empowered lives. By working with me, you will have a better understanding of where your life is at presently. You learn how to trust and develop your intuitive gifts. Which will lead to living life with more awareness and application of practical tools to reduce stress in life leading to more balance.


Many of the people I have worked with are highly sensitive, emphatic and/or aware of their intuitive gifts. They ready to tap into their personal gifts and start living more authentically and fully.

Let’s begin the journey together.