2018 Annual Reading



Would you like to have an insight on what 2018 will bring to you?

What would you do if you had a snap-shot of what each month will bring to us?

2018 will be an expansion of  all of the new learnings and growth from 2017. We will be more welcoming towards the paths that we started to embark on. With having this annual reading, you will be able to prepare yourself accordingly so that when life’s challenges come your way, they won’t rock your world.


Like last year there will be three options to purchase


Option 1

5-card Tarot reading covering four quarters of year and theme for 2018

New/Full Moon Ritual Guide Sheet

New—30-minute phone consultation to discuss reading

Only $57


Option 2 (Includes Option 1)

Personalized Astrological Insights based on Sun/Moon/Rising signs

New—Hour phone consultation to discuss reading and One (1) additional hour long call for free during 2018

Only $87


Option 3 (Includes Option 2)

Hour Phone consultation to discuss reading

One Energy Healing Session

New—One call per quarter for 2018 (3 additional hour long calls for free)

New—2018 Daily Moon Journal

Only $ 127

Annual Reading


The annual reading will be open for orders on Wednesday November 1st and sale ends on December 15th

This will be a downloadable PDF report will be emailed out to you, expect delivery by Friday, January 5th, 2018.

Have questions? Send me an email at melinda@melindargraham.com